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Finally, You Can Become The Rider Your Horse Wants You To Be, Overcome Your Fears, And Truly Understand Your Horse Without Using Gimmicks Or Bullying Him Into Submission
In This New Book, Carson James Takes You Inside The Mind Of The Horse And Reveals How To Rise To The Horse's Level, Speak His Language, And Become His Confident Leader
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Understanding Your Horse

"Reading Carson James book was like sitting down and having a conversation with him. He is a natural storyteller and conveys his thoughts very clearly. He adds humor at the right times and makes the book easy to read and understand. His training teaches us how to better communicate with horses which can stop problems before they start or help you correct them. Much great information is available for those who wish to become a Horseman. I highly recommend this book!" - Gail H.
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This book teaches leadership.

Each story will show you, through examples and illustrations, how to use every day opportunities to improve your leadership and be a better partner.

We dive deep into the psychology of the horse's brain and you'll see a clear picture, in each example, of why the horse wasn't understanding, and what we did to communicate clearly so the horse would understand.

I'm going to show you what makes horses motivated to do what you want and how being a good leader is the one and only solution to fix any horse problem.

Because once you understand how to communicate clearly and motivate your horse to do what you want, you have truly become the ultimate leader.

And this book will show you exactly how to do that.

Plus I've thrown in a couple of bonus chapters where I tell you bizarre stories about what happened to me and the unforgettable things I witnessed while I horseback all day long working on those huge cattle ranches out west.
Here's Just A Small Sample Of What You'll Discover Inside This Book
  • ​How to have the correct timing so your horse has a much clearer understanding of what you're wanting him to do and actually WANTS to do it. (pg. 21-30)
  • ​How to offer your horse the "good deal" first and why being heavy is is almost always necessary at first if you ever want to have a light horse. (pg. 37)
  • ​How to make yourself "buddy sour" to your horse where he chooses to be with you more than his buddy or other horses and why that's so much more powerful than simply training your horse to stop being buddy sour. (pg. 41)
  • ​How to help prevent a horse from bucking and a few simple things you can do with your horse to significantly decrease your risk of ever getting into a bad wreck and getting hurt. (pg. 123)
  • ​How to gain confidence and be the leader your horse needs you to be before he's mentally able to allow his self preservation instincts to step aside and let him trust you as the alpha leader. (pg. 16)
  • ​How to make it your horse's idea to do what you want him to do, so you no longer have to beg him to do something, he just willingly and naturally does it. (pg. 11)
  • ​How making small changes to the methods you've already been trying will give you 10x more success by just changing it up a tiny bit in different areas. (the whole book).
  • ​And that's just the first few pages...
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Excellent

"I have been following Carson for some time now and this is just an addition to learning his techniques for horsemanship. I love the way he explains the concept and what he trying to teach the rider. He uses real life stories about riders who have come to him for help. This book will give you ways to solve any problem you may have with your horse. Love, love, love this book and Carson!" - Nancy O.
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2. Because I care about helping horses. It's purely a limited time goodwill gift with no strings attached.
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Carson James takes horsemanship back to its original and pure form. His experience working for large ranches in the Northwest, performance trainers, and riding thousands of problem horses around the country has given him the opportunity to practically apply horsemanship at all levels. His ability to break these concepts down into small, easily understandable steps sets him apart from many contemporary clinicians.
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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Making the desired behaviors easy

"As a behavioral psychologist and professor, I found Carson's book a clear and coherent explanation of breaking down complex horse behaviors and/or rider goals into more simple behaviors that can be sequenced into the desired goal. Carson has provided a clear method for both rider and horse to approach the desired behavior with joy and without frustration. His horsemanship follows in the tradition of Ray Hunt and Bill and Tom Dorrance." - William M.
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