The Ultimate Horse Owner's Bible For Learning How To Solve Problems, Become A Master Communicator, And Transforming Yourself Into The Confident Leader For Your Horse
About This Book...
This book is a collection of 43 stories from my experiences working with horses for the past 15 years. 

In each chapter I point out the problem, explain what's causing the problem, and then show you how I fixed it by dealing with the root of the problem. 

A lot of books like this just show you step 1, 2, 3 on how to fix horse problems. 

This book isn't like that. 

This book dives deep into the psychology of the horse's brain and paints a clear picture of why the problem is happening and how to fix it using natural horsemanship. 

If your goals with your horse include building a lasting partnership and being a better, more confident leader, then don't leave the page without getting this book.
For Example...Here's A Small Sample Of What's Inside
  • In chapter 13 you’ll read about Levi, the horse who always wanted to go fast. And you’ll see exactly what his owner David and I did that had him walking around on a loose rein by the end of the chapter.
  •  And in chapter 10 you’ll learn about the horse who, after being sent to several trainers, still could not back off a horse trailer. After about 2 hours of working with the horse, he would calmly back off the trailer over and over again. 
  •  In chapter 26 there’s a guy who brings a horse to my clinic in Arizona that has a bad habit of bucking. After just a few minutes of special groundwork, I’m able to lope the horse around the arena because the bucking completely stopped. 
  •  In chapter 12 you’ll meet my horse named Snuckles that was terrified of the water hose and how I desensitized her to it in less than 20 minutes and gave her her first bath. 
  •  Chapter 33 is one of my favorites. I’ll show you how I trained a horse named McClintock to lay down so it was easier for his owner to get on his back.
  •  In chapter 28 you’ll discover how I helped this pretty black and white paint horse, who was terrified of crossing water, to have amazing confidence and overcome his fear.
  •  And that's just the first few chapters!
Plus Each Chapter Has My Simple Sketches To Help You See Exactly How Everything Is Done
This Is Not Like Any Horse Training Book You've Read Before...
Because in this book I show HOW to do everything, but I also explain WHY it worked too. 

I don’t just show you step 1, 2, and 3 and leave it at that like most of these books do.

I also explain WHY doing what I did made it finally “click” inside the horse’s mind where he could understand and do what was being asked.

And since you know the WHY, you’ll be able to copy the same ideas, methods, and framework in this book and make it work for your horse too.
Inside This Book You'll Discover...
  • How to get inside the mind of your horse and discover the secrets to making things “click” so he easily understands what you’re wanting.
  •  How to have proper timing of when to add and release pressure so the horse learns much faster and clearer.
  •  How to build the ultimate horse-human relationship based on a partnership of mutual respect and trust.
  •  And much, much more.
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